White Cat Blue

White Cat Blue 2015

This image has a long history. It’s based on a photo I took in 1999 with a Fujitsu first generation digital camera. At some point I used Fractal design painter and a Wacom table to “paint” an oil style photo manipulation over the original photo. Through various computer and drive crashes I lost the original image and the painted version. I thought I had lost the image forever, however while cleaning out a stack of old computer media I found a CD labeled “cat calendar” and there on the CD was the image I had lost!

The image was only 640 pixels across (large for 1999) and littered with jpg artifacts (since it was an over compressed version) so I loaded it up Photoshop CC 2014 and went to work. So I present to you White Cat Blue 2015.

Rise Again

Rise Again

Happy New Year to all my followers! Thanks for following me and sharing my photos over all these years!

My photo processing skills have gotten quite a bit better since the first time I published this photo years ago so I thought I would process it again from the original raw photos, and now the sun rises yet again over the San Francisco Bay Bridge.