A Wave of Support
Helping the Victims of the Tsunami
January 4, 2005

The world has already sent a wave of support to the victims of the Asian tsunami, however, there is still more you can do. First, call your representative or one of your senators and ask them to raise the US contribution higher than $350 million. This may be more than the $15 million the US originally pledged, however, it is really quite low for the world's most powerful country (For example, Japan has pledged $500 million.)

You can also contribute directly yourself. There are numerous organizations to contribute to, and you should pick the one you feel the most comfortable with. Keep in mind, though, that many organizations have very high administrative costs and the money you contribute may not end up going to where you expect. Here are some organizations that have low administrative costs and have done outstanding work in the past:

Finally, you can try and volunteer directly. Keep in mind that this is somewhat difficult on short notice, nevertheless here are several sites that should point you in the right direction:



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