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Painting Peace
(Oakland Peace March and Rally)

Sweatshop Free America

The March for Women's Lives

Amber Dragonfly Press: Why I am Pro-Choice

Taylor March - The Antidote to Right-Wing Talk

Current Terror Alert Level

Raise the Fist

Boycott RIAA

This is Broken

Resist Bush

Democracy Uprising

Bush Flash

Bush Lies


InternetActivist Info Exchange

Electronic Iraq

Wildfire - Joe Wilding's Website

The Lockheed 52

Soldiers for the Truth

David H. Hackworth: Soldier, Author, Columnist

Google Watch: A look at how Google's monopoly, algorithms,
and privacy policies are undermining the Web.

The CIA on Campus

Brookings Citizens for Peace & Social Justice: Links

Gay Shame San Francisco

Punk Planet

Go to Google, type "weapons of mass destruction", then click "I'm feeling lucky."


While Seated

The cost of war in Iraq counter.

Silicon Valley Debug: The Voice of the Young and Temporary

Youth Outlook


Poetry Television

Malls: Death of an American icon

Poetic grimoire & notions


Mutate Zine

Occupation Watch

The core rules of netiquette

God told me

Dean for America

San Francisco for Dean

Dean in 2004 Meetup


Kucinich 2004

Mutilated Mannequins

Queer Notions

Utterly Boring Blog

Tri-Valley Cares

Western States Legal Foundation

San Francisco Bay Revolution

Industrial Workers of the World

Kurt Nimmo: Photography

The K Chronicles

The Montage Art of Winston Smith

Progresso Weekly

Sacramento Mobilization

Uniform Justice!

The Global Elite


America Held Hostile

The history the government hopes you don't learn: What Really Happened

Liberal Slant

Politics-sarcasm-fine tequila-vegas-humor-sports-garbage-entertainment

Democratic Underground

Bush Watch

Participatory Democracy

Stefanie Nagorka: Do-It-Yourself Sculptor

Ampere Blog

Rumsfeld / Saddam Ad Campaign

Media Reform Network

The Angriest Liberal in the World

Those wacky kids!

Omor Blog

Washington Interns Gone Bad

Tamim Ansary

Stephen's Guide to the Logical Fallacies

Anarchist Freethink Links


Shutting down the war machine (Pictures and Commentary of the Bechtel Shutdown by Joseph Woodard )

American State Terrorism

Institute for Global Communications

Nice things going on in the world

Eric Drooker

Propaganda Remix Project

The Irony Free Zone 

Californians Say No to George Bush!

Code Pink

Women for Women International

National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

People Against Empire

Institute for Global Communications

Could someone explain to me why there is a link from the International Atomic Energy Agency to my site? 

Symbolism in The Matrix: Reloaded

San Jose Peace Center

At last! The Necessary Evidence

Students for War (Yes... that's for war.)

Walden Three


Steve Perry's Bush Wars Blog

Rebuild Iraq Lego Set

Infinite Jest

Gestopo Tactics (Could some explain to me how this was published in the extreme right-wing WorldNetDaily?)

Bodyhammer: Tactics and Self-Defense For the Modern Protester (AKA, web bait for for the civil-libertarians at the FBI/CIA/Homeland Security/or whatever it is called.)

Infinite repetition: Iraq/Saddam

The music of David Rovics

Right-wing insults

Dean for America

War Resisters League

The People of Bagdhad

International Action Center

Let Iraq Live

Iraq War Victims


Anti-war Newsfeed

Arab News

Tricity Peace Action

Backlash possible against US companies

SF Protest Photos: 1 | 2

War blogger watch

The new Anti-imperialist League

Protests, stones, and killings

The Democratic Underground

German web magazine using
one of my photos.

Media Workers Against War


Yellow Times

The Osama Clock

Hand painted post cards and peace demo photos at: Clint's Own Home Page

I missed the fun at the Oakland dock protests, but as you probably know the Oakland PD misbehaved badly.

What's so wrong with Al Jazeera? Feel free to tell me in verse (See the "poem" above.)

The counting continues: iraqbodycount.com

Musicians I heard at the Oakland Rally: Goapele Mohlabane and Boots Riley

Sites linking to mine: Andy Hyatt, Sneakerhoe, and Pinkandred

A Bike not Bombs Website

Article at SFGate (AKA The SF Chronicle): Boss orders cops to hide flag scarfs

Smart Mobs

Your online anarchist community: infoshop.org

Anti-war photos at SportsShooter.com

The Traitor List(TM) at ProBush.com (Check out the rant about Susan Sarandon.)

Some BLOGs linking to this site: Millingroarck and Dropdowntowncat.

Longer war likely says Lieutenant General William Wallace: UK Guardian article

Tariq Ali in Counterpunch: A Naked Display of Imperial Power

Bush and Blair: Their Love

A history of the Romans for kids. Why did the Romans invade?

Anti-war reference links from NexGeneration: The voice of truth from da youth

Up to the minute photos of Iraq and Baghdad from FranceTV

Discussion on Craig's List: For all of you protest naysayers out there...

Counterpunch: Summaria and Babylon

Buddhist Peace Fellowship -- Upon the Start of War

Blues For Peace -- Peace Quotes

Conflict Resolution Center

Fully Engaged Buddhism

Article about servicemen refusing to fight in USA Today.

Fourth-Generation protesting in San Francisco





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