February 27, 2004 - Bush and Cheney Marry In San Francisco


The Ring

The Kiss

Together at Last!

In a surprise ceremony President George Bush and his Vice President Dick Cheney were married in San Francisco. According to Bush he was inspired to ask Cheney for his hand in marriage after realizing how much he loves Dick.

Bush stated that, while the marriage would come as a shock to his supporters, they should just get used it, and in his words "We're here! We're queer! We're Republicans with money!" He also added "If anyone has a problem with this we will just take back their tax-cuts. So there!"

The marriage, which took place on a San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Platform was attended by a bunch of clowns who had been riding aground on the BART trains raising havoc & important issues.

After the ceremony Bush and Cheney decided to join the clowns in some good natured ribbing of themselves--joining in an some gags about Medicare benefits, walking the weapons of mass distraction dog, and a very entertaining WMD shell game.

For their honeymoon Cheney made an offhanded comment about taking a tour of his undisclosed location. Bush smiled and said "oh dear, we will have to save that until later."

For more photos of the event [click here]


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