March 12, 2004 - Dubya's Doodles: The Uncensored Pre-9/11 Memo


Basetree has just learned from an inside-source that the infamous pre 9/11 memo, released by the White House just days ago, is now known to have had significant portions removed from it during the declassification process.

Apparently, White House staffers had to painstakingly white out doodles that President George "Dubya" Bush scrawled all over the two page memo.

Why a very deep high-level-super-important-VIP-inside-source would choose to send this information (and the un-redacted memo) to Basetree is unknown at this time.

Dubya's Doodles
911_Memo_Dubyas_Doodles1.jpg 911_Memo_Dubyas_Doodles2.jpg
Dubya's Doodles
Page 1
Large Version: Page 1
Dubya's Doodles
Page 2
Large Version: Page 2

Both pages of the memo in PDF format:




Parody Alert: This is a parody. If you think it is real, well, you are an idiot.








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