May 9, 2004 - Michael Jackson Spotted In Iraqi Abuse Photos

Embattled pop-star Michael Jackson, who is already fighting child abuse and child endangerment charges, has been linked to another scandal.

Basetree has received, through sources that do not wish to be named, a new batch of Iraqi prisoner abuse photos photos from the infamous Abu Ghraib prison.

In the new photos, which are surprisingly similar to the photos already in circulation, Jackson is shown partaking in various prison hijinks, including horseplay, trips on the prison ferris wheel, as well as the sharing of beds with the prisoners.

In a related story Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon, who is already heading the existing prosecution of Jackson, has asked the Defense Department for the T-shirts and socks that Jackson wore while visiting the Iraqi prison. He also asked for any green bags that Jackson may have touched.

In a terse press release the Defense Department said "The story is completely nuts. It's almost as likely as suddenly finding WMDs in Iraq."

A Jackson's representative said that Jackson "loves children... I mean the troops, and that the are welcome to visit Neverland at any time." As of this story's publications no troops have taken Jackson up on this offer.





Parody Alert: This is a parody. If you think it is real, well, you are an idiot.




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