Vote 2004
No Stolen Election!

Vote Satan Out!
(Unfortunately Satan's reign hasn't ended.)

Blackbox Voting

Video Vote Vigil - Have videotapes or photographs of voting irregularities? Send them here.

Voting Irregularities Discussion

Stolen Election 2004

Beyond Voting

Report Voting Problems by State/County

Voters: Tell Your Story

Election 2004: The World Speaks

Fuck the South - One person's rant.

2004 Election Compared to pre-Civil War Slave States - Find out where to vote.

The TurnOut project

Just Vote - Simple site including voter registration information and polling place locator.

Voter Alert Line Calls by State - Nice map of 866-MYVOTE1 alert line calls.

To Report Voting Problems Call:

Get Out the Vote With ACT - Make get out the vote calls to swing states.

November 2

Photos of Vote sign on San Francisco's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Center, Oct. 21, 2004.

Rock the Vote

America Coming Together

Democracy 2004

2004 Voter Information Guide

Federal Election Commission

Declare Yourself - Register to Vote

Mike's Action Guide - State-by-state registration information.

Election 2004 Humor

The League of Pissed Off Voters

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Vote 2004 5


Why you should vote in the 2004 election

Press Endorsements: Kerry | Bush

Immigrant Voter Education Resources

Presidential and Vice-Presidential debate transcripts

Voter Education Campaign

The Electoral College Calculator

The Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote

How to run for President

Get Out the Vote With ACT - Make get out the vote calls to swing states.

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