August 31, 2003 - The Spaminator vs. Arianna

The Spaminator

The Spaminator

Buried in my inbox amidst the usual copious assortment of spam I spotted a message from an inventive spammer (well, somewhat inventive) taking advantage California's recall election.

"Hasta La Vista, Davis!" the subject line proclaimed. I usually don't open spam, but I couldn't resist. There he was, Mr. group sex himself hawking T-shirts with his visage emblazoned on them.

It's of course not very likely that Mr. Schwarzenegger (or the "Actor", as the San Francisco Chronicle likes to refer to him in headlines) has any involvement with In fact, the domain isn't even registered to a California resident. It is registered to a certain Mr. Dave Phillips of 155 East 55th Street, New York, NY (See: whois.) Bizarrely, the email address for the administrative contact of the domain is Perhaps the Actor should give Mr. Phillips a call. (FYI Arnold: It's 917-591-7367)


Arianna Huffington greets supporters gathered in her San Francisco campaign headquarters, Wednesday, Aug 27, 2003.

If Only...

If only grown men didn't act like fifteen year-old boys my favorite candidate, Arianna Huffington, might be doing better in the polls. recall that when I was a teenager (quite some time ago) I thoroughly enjoyed Conan the Barbarian. Blood, guts, war, and an insipid plot are pure joy for teenage boys everywhere, but I got over it.

Arianna in San Francisco

I was very impressed with Arianna as she met with supporters at her San Francisco campaign headquarters (I was taking photos.) She showed an an extraordinary amount of empathy for the people in the crowd as well as a strong grasp of the issues facing California and not once did she say she would "pump up" California or that the gay marriage is between a man and a woman.


Kelly Dragoo uses a Macintosh located in Arianna Huffington's San Francisco headquarters to register as a volunteer for Huffington's campaign, Wednesday, Aug 27, 2003.

About the only thing that Arianna and the Actor have in common is their pronunciation of California (they both pronounce the "Cali" in California like the pronunciation of the Hindu goddess Kali). I can hardly hold this against her, though.

Hasta La Vista, Kali-fornia!

I am not sure how the recall will turn out, nevertheless, one thing is clear: Whoever is elected Governor will need more than catch-phrases and gorilla-like arms to solve the myriad problems facing California, and solve them before we all say "hasta la vista," California.



Save the California taxpayers money and vote in the recall election online.

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